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Wauquiez Centurion 57

Bouw jaar:  2021

In verkoophaven, The Ne...

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797.390 EUR

  • Bach Yachting
  • Zuidersluisweg 41
  • 8243 RC Lelystad
  • The Netherlands
  • +31 320746046
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. The Centurion 57 marks the return of the mythical "Centurion" lineage onto the luxury yacht market General Other: The Centurion 57 marks the return of the mythical "Centurion" lineage onto the luxury yacht market. Powerful, thoroughbred, as manoeuvrable as a racing yacht yet as comfortable, elegant and luxurious as a superyacht, the Centurion 57 is the quintessence of the French shipyard's expertise in terms of conception and luxury yacht building. The hull of this world cruising sailboat is powerful and versatile. Designed to endure the harshest sailing conditions, it will face bad weather without fail. In light airs, her downwind design ensures her to react to the slightest breeze. With a strengthening wind, the Centurion 57 will be propelled to impressive speed for an offshore sailboat while maintaining excellent comfort. Equipped with a 2m50 bulb throat, the Centurion is a stiff and efficient excellence boat in all points of sailing. The mast, higher than 23m, is equipped with a 9/10 type rigging without a backstay, with swept spreaders to make the best of the yacht's potential performance. The very large cockpit has been designed to be multi-purpose: a lot of free space for the crew's efficient manoeuvres and all necessary assistance for single-handed sailing (standard electric winches, lines brought back to the helmet under the side decks, self-tacking system on request...). The helmet position boasts two wheels with two ultra-modern consoles featuring all the electronics at the helmsman's disposal. An opening platform at the transom enables easy access to the tender garage. No compromise made on deck fittings. A Sparcraft Performance racing mast, Harken winches and blocks, pre-stressed Dyneema sheets, standard retractable composite bowsprit... Plentiful deck hardware, selected for its very high quality and efficiency, perfectly blends in with the deck's sleek, uncluttered lines... Inside: calm, luxury, comfort... The waxed teak-used on


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