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Zeilboot, Motorboot, Sloep Gevraagd

Bouw jaar:  2020

In Verkoophaven, The Ne...

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  • Bootveiling.Com
  • Rubberstraat 9
  • 1411 AL Naarden
  • The Netherlands
  • 035-5449675
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Ask for a quote. An auction is a transparent method to sell your boat in a short time. By properly presenting your boat with a starting amount that arouses interest among a wide audience, we promote your boat to interested parties in the market both at home and abroad. Because there is a time element to the auction, interested parties have to take action. This in combination with a structured auction process with a viewing day makes selling via the auction a fast method that delivers market-conforming prices. Bootveiling.com only charges you the start-up costs to auction your boat. You are not bound to anything else and these are your only costs. The start-up costs are as follows: Boat length up to 5 meters ? 100,- Boat length up to 10 meters ? 200,- Boat length > than 10 meters ? 300,- What does Bootveiling do for the start-up costs? We set up the auction and monitor the auction We take care of all communication regarding the interest, viewing day and auction. If there are no good pictures available, we will make them. We will advertise your boat both nationally and internationally and will put out campaigns on all appropriate media. Your boat will be on > 20 different boat websites, paid social media campaigns, paid trading platform campaigns and of course our own clientele since 2005, website and social media we will use. We take care of the financial settlement. (Through a secure foundation third party funds account) We take care of the transfer documents of unregistered boats We work together with you because you provide the specifications of the boat and supervise the viewing day. When the auction is over, you have three days to decide whether you want to award the boat to the highest bidder. If you do not find the highest amount offered sufficient, you will not accept the offer and you are not bound by anything. In practice, we sell 85% of the boats at once. If we do not sell your boat at once, we will come up with a s


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