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Subled Underwater Light For Boats

Build year:  2017

Ikast, Denmark

Motor boat for sale

460 EUR

  • Subled
  • Merkurvej 1
  • 7430 Ikast
  • Denmark
  • +4551503050
  • +4551503050
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SUBLED UNDER WATER LED LIGHTS FOR BOATS. All our lights have a five year guarantee and a 50,000 hours life expectancy. CAN BE MOUNTED ON DRAIN SCREW, TRIM FLABS, HAFT HULL AND ALSO STICK/GLUE ON. AVAILABLE OPTIONS: 1) SUBLED MONSTER/COLOR MASTER: 133W 8000 LUMEN FOR DRAIN SCREW: €459.95 (LISTED HERE!) SUITABLE FOR SMALL, MID-SIZED, BIG BOATS, YATCH AND SAIL BOATS This 8000 LUMEN 133W (equivalent to about 1000W in traditional lights) underwater light/lamp is to be mounted on the drain screw. AVAILABALE COLOURS: WHITE, BLUE, GREEN AND RED . Please NOTE these single color lights can be controlled with a remote control which CAN BE PURCHASED FOR AN EXTRA €26 . COLOUR CHANGING/SUBLED COLOR MASTER: €522.95. this can shift/change/blend to as many different color as you wish and can fluctuate to the beat of the music on stereo on your boat. This is a fantastic and fun way to turn heads. It comes with a wireless controller to function with your smartphone. Please NOTE the colour changing or subled color master is controlled by the BLEDIM APP which can be downloaded from Google store/ apple store. NOTE: The remote control option CANNOT be used with the color master If you use this light in saltwater, apply TEFGEL to all fittings (available in our online WEBSHOP: www.subled.dk or /write to us for more info: kontakt@subled.dk) MORE OPTIONS (VISIT OUR WEBSHOP: WWW.SUBLED.DK) 2) SUBLED 5W 450 LUMEN (FOR DRAIN SCREW) -ITEM LISTED HERE: €44,95 DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE CHEAP PRICE OR THE COMPACT SIZE, THE BRIGHTNESS OF THIS LITTLE LIGHT IS AMAZING FOR AN ENTRY LEVEL LIGHT. AVAILABALE COLOURS: WHITE, BLUE, AND GREEN 3) SUBLED 10W 900 LUMEN- : €94,95 4) SUBLED UNDERWATER LED LIGHTS FOR BOATS FOR DRAIN SCREW SUBLED 20W 1700 LUMEN (AVAILABLE ON REQUEST) : €134,95 5) SUBLED MONSTER/COLOR MASTER FOR TRIM FLABS ON BOATS 133W 8000 LUMEN €436 AVAILABALE COLOURS: WHITE, BLUE, GREEN AND RED COLOR MASTER/COLOR CHANGER = €531 6) SUBLED MONSTER/COLOR MASTER FOR HAFT HULL ON BOATS 133W 8000 LUMEN €485 AVAILABALE COLOURS: WHITE, BLUE, GREEN AND RED COLOR MASTER/COLOR CHANGER = €580 7) SUBLED 10W STICK ON (KLÆBES MED 3M VAND FAST) - €161 AVAILABALE COLOURS: WHITE & BLUE OPTIONAL: you can purchase a remote control with any of the lights (10W and above) for an additional €26. 8) WE ALSO OFFER VARIOUS ADAPTORS. PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSHOP TO SEE ALL OUR PRODUCTS: WWW.SUBLED.DK


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