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Jetsurf Adventure Dfi

Build year:  2021

In Verkoophaven, The Ne...

Motor boat for sale

12,085 EUR

  • Holland Sport Boat Centre B.V.
  • The Netherlands
  • +31 206947527
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. Making a long distance JETSURF trip has never been easier. Making a long distance JETSURF trip has never been easier. Make it a superb adventure with the JETSURF ADVENTURE DFI, which introduces a couple of brand new features. A higher level of independence will be secured by a specially - designed rack in the front part of the board. Additional equipment to make your journey more enjoyable can be carried in a specially designed duffel, or just put additional fuel can onboard and enjoy cruising time of up to 3 hours. The 2019 JETSURF ADVENTURE is equipped with a DFI low emission impact engine. CONTROL SPEED AND BALANCE IN YOUR HAND Acceleration, speed, balance, - it's all in your hand. The JETSURF control handle serves for starting the board, throttle acceleration and makes a good stability point at any stage of your riding level. SAFETY FIRST The ergonomic straps and footpads made of specialized memory foam connect the riders to the boards, allowing for jumps, airs, grabs and even flips. The straps are placed for ideal weight distribution on the board making it nearly impossible to slip off the board. ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY JETSURF always remembers about environment. Low CO emission engine and recommended 1:50 oil/fuel mixture ratio secure only 63.4 grams of CO emission impact. Accessories: The TUBE Brand new accessory equipment by JETSURF MOTORIZED SURFBOARD. Looking for easier jetsurfing beginnings? Would you like to let your children share the board or just welcome more buoyancy? Then, the Tube will definitely be your favourite. A rubber fitted to your board will create one of the most stable surfing crafts. This inflatable accessory will not take up too much space for transport, and could easily be strapped to all JETSURF models. ADVENTURE RACK JETSURF Adventure is a right choice for any experience. Why not to film it or make a photo memory from your ride? Carrying your belongings has never been easier on a JETSURF


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