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Nauticat 33

Baujahr:  1976

Gustow, Rügen, Deutschl...

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39.000 EUR

  • Gerhard Kalinka
  • Heinrich-Zille-Str. 26
  • 15827 Blankenfelde-Mahlow
  • Deutschland
  • +49 177 5227394
  • +49 177 5227394
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Nauticat 33

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  • Segelfertig
  • Ein Klassiker
  • Liebhaberobjekt
  • Viel Schiff für wenig Geld
  • Geräumig
  • Salon mit u-förmiger Sitzeinheit
  • Nicht Raucher Boot
  • Langkieler
  • 2 Kabinen

We sell our Nauticat’33 from Siltala shipyard Finland, model from 1976, so without poop deck, Ser-Nr 453. The ship, 33 feet/10 m waterline, is a long keeler with a weight of 8 tons. It works both as a motorboat and as a leisurely sailor. It has a solid, overly strong GRP shell with a wooden structure. It is characterized by the spacious and bright deckhouse, which makes life on board very pleasant, even when the weather is not so ideal. More than 1000 examples of this type of ship type have been built. The great sales success lay in the implementation of a comfortable, friendly, warm, dry sea voyage, i.e. in the combination of comfort and solid boat building. When it rains, you stay in the bright deckhouse and don't live in the dark "basement". And if the sailing weather is not right, and you still want to get from A to B, then you drive effortlessly to the next destination with 75PS on the autopilot. The Nauticat'33 is therefore not designed as a racing boat, but (in the 1970s) as a comfortable boat with a very solid construction. Even if the standards of comfort have shifted in the meantime, the Nauticat'33 is still a classic eye-catcher in every port, ideal for the Baltic Sea, comfortable for two persons for longer trips, but also with additionally one or two children / grandchildren. 4 people also go, but more for shorter trips. The sailing characteristics are mediocre due to the concept, sailing high upwind is not her favorite. She likes a side or stern wind of 4 or more to get up to speed. The long keel dampens the downforce generated by the deckhouse in crosswinds. Sometimes you need a little longer journey to yor destination, but you are also a more relaxed. The powerful engine in the soundproof engine compartment and the 500l diesel tank are ready when the wind falls asleep. The protected propeller is at the end of the keel, not, as is often the case today, in the middle of the boat (saildrive). Therefore “turning on the plate” works very well with the wheel effect. The drive is generously dimensioned with 75 HP, a bow thruster was retrofitted for minor readjustment during port maneuvers, but is usually not required. The compact overall dimensions of 10 x 3.25 m are ideal for the Baltic Sea area, especially for smaller ports in Scandinavia. The offered ship is in good, used condition. It has always been lovingly received and updated over the past 10 years. The wooden structure (deckhouse, wooden handrail, doors, sliding hatch) has been maintained in the heated hall in a completely dry state for the last 10 years after winter storage. Different paint systems were tested. PU-1K clear lacquer has proven to be the most practical, i.e. the most durable and stable against UV. The ship was only exposed to the weather in the core season (May-September). tinyurl.com/vaf623

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