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Nautor Swan 38 Tall Rig

Baujahr:  1974

Fehmarn, Deutschland

Segelboot Verkaufen

75.000 EUR

  • Christian Fischer
  • Deutschland
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Nautor Swan 38 Tall Rig

  • Ideales Familienschiff
  • Ein Klassiker
  • Sehr wertiges Schiff
  • Leicht zu bedienen
  • Schneller, stäbiger Cruiser
  • Viel Schiff für wenig Geld
  • Perfektes Langstreckenschiff
  • Ideal für Einhandsegelei
  • Eleganter Riss
  • Nicht Raucher Boot
  • Überholungsbedürftig
  • Viel Platz für die ganze Familie
  • Bereit für Langfahrten
  • Neues Motor
  • Tiefen V-Rumpfform
  • 3 Kabinen
  • Achterkabine

Swan 38 TALL RIG - Hull #027 Ainsleigh - year: 1974 DESIGNER Sparkman & Stephens BUILDER Nautor Swan No 27 / 116 The definitive Cruiser Racer! Classic boat, very fast and very comfortable in the waves. "The Swan 38, in my opinion, is the best cruiser/racer ever. She may not be as fast downwind in smooth water as a some other boats of her size. She may not be as roomy as most more modern 38 footers. She won't plane on a reach at 15 knots in a 12 knot breeze like some of today's ultra-lightweight scaled-up dinghies. She is, however, one of a very few great sailing boats that can win races, cross oceans, go weekend family cruising or shorthanded passage making and can be absolutely relied on to make ground to windward in gale force wind and heavy seas when your life depends on it. As a bonus, she is strongly built and finished to immaculate standards by Nautor of Finland, a marque which, for yachtsmen of my age, carries the same exclusive cachet and promise of quality, as the Rolls-Royce brand once did for motorists." -- 1001boats "Designed by Sparkman & Stephens, she was built in 1974 by Nautor of Finland to exceptionally high standards. For example, the keel was state of the art when it was first conceived and gives the 38 both significant lift when sailing to weather and excellent performance windward - regularly tacking at under 90° and sailing upwind in 40+ knots. The Swan 38 is a surprisingly comfortable boat. Adequately ballasted, with elliptical hull sections forward, she will surge in heavy seas instead of crashing - a feature much appreciated by the off-watch crew trying to get some sleep." -- Another Swan38 Owner We have sailed her on the Atlantic, the North Sea, but mainly in the Baltic Sea. The Swan 38 is eminently suited to long distance cruising – up to 170Nm a day is possible. Ainsleigh has recently been upgraded in some areas like a new Engine, shaft and prop. A new VHF installation, new batteries, toilet, fridge and much more. However, the teak deck need to be removed/replaced and sealed and the interiour would benefit of some revarnishment if you want. Also some electronic devices were upgraded but not all, e.g. the log is not functioning. She also needs a new antifouling sooner than later. All in all, she is ready to go but there are some things that you might want to repair/replace. The asked price reflects this. The pictures are partially not recent; however, there were no changes. There exists a great community around these all time classics: https://www.classicswan.org/ Have a look at the review of a very similar boat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Noq3YMwuKJU Please contact me for more details.

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